About us

Needs of rural development in Wexford

Within the contexts of a harsher economic climate, Ardmore seeks to champion needs responsive to the needs of rural development in Wexford and surrounding areas. We are both local and outward looking, coming up with development initiatives which focus on improving the quality of life in the Wexford area and throughout Ireland.

We provide practical and needed supports including training, work placement and advice to community and voluntary groups, social inclusion of target groups, small businesses, farm families and businesses and potential entrepreneurs. We also collaborate with a wide range of local organisations in the delivery of our services.

Our Mission

Our “mission” is to be a real “Development Agent” in our territory, with an overall function of support for the development and creation of business and work. The institutional task of Ardmore essentially consists in the elaboration and implementation of development strategies, through the involvement of the greatest number of local and socio-economic actors (public and private) as well as local communities.

Through this website, Ardmore wants to keep you informed of the many and varied services and schemes/programmes that we provide, whether through direct funding schemes and programmes, assistance to the unemployed and disadvantaged or specific actions to aid identified target groups. To make the information easier to access, we have grouped the supports into key headings specifically of relevance to you. For the very latest news on all of our activities, please connect with us on Facebook.