CARE project

Vision is the most objective sense that provides detailed feedback of the external world. However, it is closely related to other senses such as tact and kinaesthesia, and developing motor skills helps in the development of cognitive and psychomotor health. In Europe, over 30 million people are estimated to be blind or partially sighted, and their unemployment rate is high, leading to lost productivity and decreased quality of life. Children with visual impairment experience delays in their developmental phases, and social identity can crumble due to mobility problems and perceived inadequacy. To address this, a project is proposed to enhance the psychomotor skills of visually impaired young people through ceramic workshops, which can lead to cognitive, emotional, and physical developments.

The project has five objectives:

  • To improve the self-esteem of visually impaired young people by strengthening their psychomotor skills.
  • To increase their employment opportunities in art, culture, social and manual work, or entrepreneurship.
  • To empower them to become positive contributors to their community and the EU artistic scene.
  • To enhance the impact of educational and training centers by introducing pottery classes and training their trainers to welcome visually impaired learners.
  • To equip youth workers, educators, and trainers with the skills to engage visually impaired learners in ceramics workshops and promote their psychomotor development.

The expected results are:

  • Produce manuals for starting pottery workshops in any organization, providing guidelines for fully engaging visually impaired learners.
  • Artworks created by project participants will be permanently exhibited in each partner city, creating a concept of a city museum.
  • Offers young visually impaired people the opportunity to unlock their potential as individuals, artists, and employees through pottery workshops and the enhancement of their psychomotor skills.

Our partners:

  • E.R.F.O.P. ONLUS
  • CSI
  • AVSI Polska


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