Directed By You(th)

Directed By You(th) project

The project “Directed By You(th)” aims to tackle civic engagement issues and low trust in democracy among European youth by using innovative participatory documentary making and graphic design methods. Youth workers will conduct workshops at the local level for 25 youth per country, helping them to create individual or small-group videos and campaigns on issues affecting their community. The resulting videos and campaigns will be uploaded to a virtual platform and promoted through local and international film festivals, where selected youth representatives will present their work. The project will empower youth to engage with civic society and develop skills in video making and graphic design.


Directed By You(th) addresses issues in civic engagement, apathy, disenfranchisement and low democratic trust among youth in Europe. The aim is to promote and achieve the aims of the European Youth Strategy: to engage, empower and connect youth.


  1. Directed By You(th) Workshops
  2. Local Film events
  3. International Film Festival

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🌟 “Empowering Youth Voices: The Directed By You(th) Project Takes Europe by Storm!” 🌟

Get ready to be inspired by a groundbreaking initiative that is set to transform the future of civic engagement among European youth! The Directed By You(th) project is not just a project; it’s a revolution that’s redefining how young people engage with democracy and their communities.

🎥 Lights, Camera, Action! 📢

Imagine a world where young minds are at the forefront of change, using the power of storytelling to shape the future. Directed By You(th) is bringing this vision to life. Through innovative participatory documentary making and graphic design methods, this project empowers youth to become the directors of their own narratives.

🌍 From Local to Global Impact! 🌎

Directed By You(th) is all about taking action at the grassroots level. In every corner of Europe, 25 enthusiastic youth in each country are participating in dynamic workshops led by dedicated youth workers. Together, they are creating videos and campaigns that address the very issues affecting their communities.

📹 Lights, Camera, Civic Engagement! 📣

The resulting videos and campaigns are not just powerful messages; they are calls to action! These creations will be showcased on a virtual platform, giving these young voices a global stage to shine on. Plus, they’ll be featured in local and international film festivals, where selected youth representatives will proudly present their transformative work.

🌟 Shaping the Future, One Youth at a Time! 🌟

Directed By You(th) is not just about addressing civic apathy and distrust in democracy; it’s about fostering the spirit of active citizenship. It’s about empowering the leaders of tomorrow and equipping them with valuable skills in video making and graphic design.

🤝 Join Us on This Remarkable Journey! 🤝

Join the movement that’s connecting and empowering youth across Europe. Directed By You(th) is more than a project; it’s a catalyst for change. With partners like CEIPES, EDUACT, and many more, this initiative is forging connections and paving the way for a brighter future.

🚀 Be Part of the Revolution! 🚀

Are you ready to be a part of something truly extraordinary? Dive into the world of Directed By You(th) and witness the power of youth-driven change. Visit their website at to learn more about this game-changing project that’s redefining democracy and civic engagement for generations to come. Don’t miss out on this remarkable journey! 🌟📹🌍

A snapshot at Directed By You(th) Erasmus+ Project

🌟 Get Ready for a Revolution in Youth Engagement 🌟

Introducing the “Directed By You(th) Erasmus+ Project” – A Trailblazing Journey Towards Empowerment and Change!

🚀 What is Directed By You(th)? 🚀

Directed By You(th) is not just another project; it’s a game-changer for Europe’s youth! 🌍 We’re tackling civic apathy, disenfranchisement, and low democratic trust head-on, and we’re doing it in the most innovative and exciting way possible! 🔥

🔹 Objective 1: Engage, Empower, Connect!

Our mission is crystal clear: To ENGAGE, EMPOWER, and CONNECT the youth of Europe. How? We’re turning the spotlight on YOU! 💥 We’re bringing participatory documentary making and graphic design to the forefront, and we’re taking it to the grassroots. Our dedicated youth workers will ignite the spark in 25 young minds from each partner country, guiding them to create powerful videos and campaigns on issues they care about. It’s YOUR chance to make a difference, YOUR way! 🎥💪

🔹 Objective 2: Your Voice, Your Style!

We believe in YOUR ideas, YOUR creativity, and YOUR voice! 📣 Your experiences will shape our mission. With your youth workers by your side, we’ll help you brainstorm, train, develop, and edit your videos. This bottom-up approach is all about EMPOWERING you to drive change in civic society! And guess what? You’ll gain invaluable skills in video making and graphic design, setting you up for success in our rapidly digitalizing world. 🌐📸

🎥 Activities That Will Ignite Your Passion! 🎥

🎬 Activity 1: Lights, Camera, Action!

Imagine brainstorming with your peers, identifying issues that matter, and then diving into 5 days of intensive training with FREE content creation software! 🧠🎞️ Get ready to be a video-making maestro!

🎉 Activity 2: The Youth Film Fest Extravaganza!

Picture yourself on the big screen! 🌟 In each partner country, we’re hosting local film festivals where YOUR creations will shine. Invite your community, youth workers, and local leaders – it’s your time to steal the spotlight!

🏆 Activity 3: The Grand International Film Festival!

Get ready for the grand finale! 🌟 We’re producing promotional videos that will draw youth associations and political influencers to an International Film Festival hosted by EDUACT. Expert juries will recognize your brilliance at the final award ceremony. 🏆

🌈 Directed By You(th) is not just a project; it’s your chance to lead, create, and change the world around you! Join us on this electrifying journey to redefine civic engagement, empower youth, and amplify your voice like never before! 🚀🌟 #DirectedByYouth #EmpowerChange

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